1. Turva Lingua
    NU NO

  2. Tashi Dorji / C. Spencer Yeh / Michael Zerang
    Tashi Dorji / C. Spencer Yeh / Michael Zerang

  3. Winter Songs

  4. Brugatronics
    Anla Courtis & Jon Wesseltoft

  5. Orgulho De Ex-Buds
    Putas Bêbadas

  6. More Is More
    No Balls

  7. Orchestra Of Constant Distress
    Orchestra Of Constant Distress

  8. Gate & Control Unit
    Gate & Control Unit

  9. Crutches
    No Balls

  10. Loki

  11. Negatively Complicating A Procedure That Is Already Flawed
    Ben Hall's She Shells String Trio

  12. Regel #1

  13. Live At Sant'Anna Arresi Jazz Festival
    Konstrukt & Marshall Allen

  14. Los Doroncos
    Los Doroncos

  15. Otomeyama Bottoms
    Hisato Higuchi

  16. Barcelona Express Live 2004
    Fukuoka Rinji, Urabe Masayoshi

  17. Five Poems For The Swamp Ghost
    Arthur Doyle, Gustavo Costa, Jonathan Saldanha, Filipe Silva

  18. In Solo
    Artur Doyle

  19. It's Not A Fear Of Falling, It's A Fear Of Landing
    Mike Khoury / Ben Hall

  20. Ithaca
    Joe McPhee / Eli Keszler

  21. Sylvania 7027 Live
    Majutsu no Niwa

  22. Hamamatsu Power!
    Up-Tight / Anla Courtis

  23. Pau

  24. The Psychedelic Sounds Of New Rock Syndicate
    Kawaguchi Masami's New Rock Syndicate

  25. Bonsai No Ie
    Suishou No Fune

  26. Last Days Vol. III
    Stefano Pilia

  27. Third Dimension Blues
    Maurizio Abate

  28. Deux Lives

  29. Live in Buffalo
    Steve Baczkowski / Bill Nace

  30. Northern Resonance III/II
    C. Spencer Yeh / Jon Wesseltoft

  31. Desert Race

  32. The 15,000 Day Boat Trip
    John W. Fail

  33. The Beginning of the End

  34. Ornitologia
    Anla Courtis

  35. Split
    Maths Balance Volumes / Sejayno

  36. Particles
    Paul Flaherty & Weasel Walter

  37. Last Days
    Stefano Pilia

  38. Exploding Blue Floor Martin Denny
    Ashtray Navigations

  39. Providence

  40. Untitled Space Junk
    The Futurians

  41. Cosmic Mosque On The Magical Mountain Top

  42. Black Cross / Red Crescent

  43. My Name Is Rar Rar
    My Name is Rar Rar


8mm Records Venice, Italy

Underground label specialized in free improvisation, free jazz, Japanese underground, New Zealand underground, new psychedelia, DIY electronics. Active since 2003.

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